About Us

About Us: Providing Auto Repair Services in Kissimmee

          Master Tech Auto Electric was originally founded in 1981 by Edwardo Davis and was formally known as International Auto Electric. After 20 years of successfully growing into a thriving business, International moved to Hollywood in south Florida in 2001. With a new look and new location Master Tech Auto Electric was born.

          As customers still followed they continued to grow and spent few years before realizing their current facility was too small to accommodate all their customers. At the same time, Edwardo’s young son, Chris, was quickly rising up to be the new generation of Master Tech. Born into a family of technicians and electricians, Chris seemed to have a natural understanding of automobiles and their computer systems. Since a young age he soaked up his fathers training and experience and at the age of 21, he took over the family business and began adding his own talents, taping into the new era of vehicles. He became even more familiar with automotive electronics and began mastering computer diagnostics and programming.

          As an unbeatable father and son team they began looking to branch off to another part or Florida. While continuing to provide excellent service in south Florida, Chris opened up Master Tech’s twin brother in the heart of Kissimmee. Their new 5,085 sq ft facility with 7 bays opened up the doors to unlimited opportunities and a chance to truly shine. Bringing their experience and skills to central Florida, Master Tech’s name quickly spread to all parts of Orlando and Kissimmee. Soon customers were driving over an hour to have their vehicles serviced or repaired by the only people they claimed to be true automotive technicians.

          Providing full mechanical service while specializing in electronics, this family owned and operated business has become Central Florida’s dealer alternative. Master Tech Auto Electric still continues to grow and will continue growing for many years to come. Fueled by their passion for cars and happy customers they take extreme pride in their work and their never ending passion for creating a one stop shop where their customers can come and go with a big smile on their face and a bank account that hasn’t been emptied.